Webinar | Water Level Monitoring Solutions

March 17, 2021 Global Water , water level
User-friendly and priced for just about any budget, Global Water (GWI) offers an extensive range of monitoring sensors for use in nearly all bodies of water. Environmental Monitoring Specialists, Wastewater Managers and Hydrographers choose Global Water when they are looking for data collection devices that are dependable, rugged and tough in often unstable conditions.

If you are looking to effectively manage water resources, want to know how the technology actually works, or what options meet your unique application requirements, please join our Technical Expert, Jesse Randolph, as he breaks down the types of instruments available within the Global Water family. He will also show you real-world examples on how these instruments are being used for rivers, streams, canals, and coastal studies, and in more complex industrial stormwater and wastewater monitoring programs.

In this webinar, we will work through the water level measurement and controller products offered by Global Water, focusing on:
• Product technical details including underlying principles of how the technology works
• Product options and accessories
• Example Applications utilizing the products and best practice

Presented by Jesse Randolph, lead Technical Support Specialist for Global Water products. Jesse has been with Global Water for over 18 years; he has in depth working knowledge and experience on the Global Water product line. With a background in electrical and electronics, he is instrumental in putting together complex environmental monitoring solutions and integrating Global Water Instruments.