YSI Webinar | Are You Ready Harmful Algal Blooms Season?

In this webinar, you will receive a foundational understanding of YSI Total Algae sensors, including how to calibrate them, which units to use, and how to interpret data gathered with the sensors. This webinar is especially useful for new users and users transitioning from our legacy 6-series to our EXO and ProDSS (Digital Sampling System) platforms.

  • Watching this webinar you’ll learn about:
  • Using algal pigments for early Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) detection
  • 6-series chlorophyll and BGA vs. the new Total Algae (TAL) sensors
  • Calibration with Rhadamine WT
  • Choosing the right units
  • The new cells/mL tool in KorEXO software
  • Real-world data examples and challenges

Check out the blog post listing for blue green algae/chlorophyll to learn more.