YSI Webinar | 7 Biggest Water Quality Monitoring Challenges

August 29, 2022
While every application and deployment is different, we’ve found a few common challenges that can arise in environmental monitoring. Whether it’s budget constraints, equipment that’s difficult to use, maintenance challenges, employee turnover, or unreliable data or data access, there’s no shortage of obstacles that can pop up. But don’t worry — our experts are here to provide tips you can use to overcome those challenges and collect the best data possible every time you head out into the field!

In this webinar, we share:

Expert tips to solve big problems in water quality monitoring
Guidelines for instrument care, inspection, and preparation
Recommendations to keep up with evolving site needs
Best practices to ensure good data
Advice on successful systems integration
Q&A with Catie and Curt

Looking for a specific topic in the presentation? Find it quickly with these convenient timestamps:

01:44 - Challenge #1: Keeping Equipment in the Field

07:44 - Challenge #2: Evolving Program Needs

12:50 - Challenge #3: Ensuring Data Quality

22:00 - Challenge #4: Resource Efficiency

26:54 - Challenge #5: Simplifying Data Hosting

30:51 - Challenge #6: Integrated Systems

36:53 - Challenge #7: Training Employees

42:04 - Q&A

Resources Referenced During the Webinar: